Today’s Basil Seed Sowing

Containers sown with new basil seeds

Last week while on vacation, basil seeds arrived from two vendors, Richters Herbs of Canada and John Scheepers of Connecticut. I sowed them yesterday and today in small containers. Conditions are favorable with a high temperature of 90 degrees F and plenty of sunshine. I’m expecting good results since new basil seedlings are sprouting all over the place — in the garden, in the grass, in pots and in cracks in the pavement.

I’m depending on La Niña to keep things warmer than usual this winter but we shall see. I selected several unfamiliar varieties of basil, such as ararat, blue spice and cinnamon, which I’m planning to incorporate in traditional American dishes if I can get a decent crop before the first freeze. It’s probably too late for that but what the heck. I can always use a grow light in the house. 🙂

Seeds from Richters Herbs in Goodwood, Ontario:

Ararat Basil
Blue Spice Basil
Cinnamon Basil
Queenette Thai Basil
Sweet Dani Lemon Basil

Seeds from John Scheepers Kitchen Garden Seeds in Bantam, Connecticut:

Lemon Basil
Marseillais Dwarf Basil
Mexican Spice Basil
Purple Ararat Basil

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